Get your yukata ready, the annual Bon Odori in Kuala Lumpur is just around the corner!
Happening exactly one week from now, the festival is sure to bring fun, Japanese-y activities to Malaysian fans once again.

The annual event will as usual take place at Shah Alam, check out the details below:

Event: The 39th Bon-Odori (2015)
Venue: Kompleks Sukan Negara, Shah Alam
Date: 5 September 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 7pm – 9:30pm (Gates open at 4.30pm)
All decked up in pretty yukata
(Photo source: easycorner).
As the event draws big crowds – it is estimated more than 30,000 people take part in the celebration yearly – visitors are better off taking the shuttle bus rather than drive to the venue.
Free shuttle bus from Shah Alam KTM Station to the venue, and vice versa, will be provided from 4pm until 11pm. 
19:00 Opening – Drum Performance
19:15 Bon Odori Dance Part 1
19:45 Dance Performance by Guest Performers
20:00 Bon Odori Dance Part 
20:30 “Wadaiko” Guest Performance 
20:55 Bon Odori Dance Part 3
21:25 Closing Address 
Bon Odori is a traditional summer festival celebrated annually in Japan as the Japanese believe that their ancestors’ spirits visit them once a year. The name refers to the dance performed during the festival itself.
Fun Fact: The largest Bon Odori according to Asia Books of
Record took place at Tochigi, Japan on August 14, 2001.
(Photo source: ACEVGP)