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A few more days left until Merdeka day arrives, so have you gotten your patriotic spirit fired up? If your answer is no, then we got just the thing for you.

Don’t expect to find “Negaraku”, “Tanggal 31”, “Kerana Mu” or the “Jalur Gemilang” song – as much as we all love to sing them back in our primary and secondary school, the songs of our choice are sung by the talented singers in Malaysia – be it Malay, Chinese or Indian, and they will surely invoke the patriotic spirit within you!

Check out TheHive.Asia’s Top 10 Merdeka themed songs

1. Ensemble of Malaysian Artistes – “Here in My Home”

2. Ella – “Standing in the Eyes of the World”

3. Najwa Mahiaddin ft JUNY – “After the Rain”

4. Ensemble of Malaysian Artistes – “Satu Suara, Satu Komuniti, Satu Persatuan”

5. Namewee – “Merdeka Shuffle

6. Ensemble of Malaysian Artistes – “Malaysian Boy”

7. DJ Fuzz – “Ritma Merdeka”

8. Adibah Noor ft Dina Nadzir – “Malaysia Kau Ku Cinta”

9. Butterfingers – “Bebas”

10. Ensemble of Malaysian Artistes – “Saya Anak Malaysia”

(Photo source: malaysiaaktif.my)