Author-turned-director Zhang Jiajia revealed that his debut film “Ferryman” will be a comedy.
As reported on Mingpao News, Zhang announced the news recently, and revealed that filming has finally begun.

Quoting the movie producer, Wong Kar Wai, Zhang said, “In order to make a good movie, you must go crazy.”

Working with film industry powerhouse Tony Leung and Wong Kar Wai, Zhang said that it was his only dream and that he will “risk everything to fulfill it.”
Tony Leung, who stars in the lead, reportedly will change his usual ‘cool guy’ character to suit the movie’s comedy tone.
No further information has been revealed about Tony’s co-stars.
“Ferrymen”, which was a chapter from Zhang’s “Bedtime Stories” series, tells the story of an affair between a girl and a married artist in Changchun.
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