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The 67-year-old rock star and former “American Idol” judge had earlier revealed his plans to come out with a solo country record, and although that revelation was met with skepticism by Aerosmith fans, now Tyler has proven just how serious he is by releasing his music video for his first single, “Love is Your Name”.

Sounding a little like a Kid Rock meets a Tim McGraw song, it’s undeniable that there’s still some prominent Rock’n’Roll vibes that Tyler thankfully did not ditch in his new venture as he maintains his vocal range albeit with a subtle southern twang.

Rolling Stone magazine said that coming up with a country album was no joke for the star. Tyler had apparently lived in Nashville (the hub of country music) for a year and had even signed up with Big Machine Records, the country powerhouse that brought Taylor Swift to fame.

We have to say, the song itself doesn’t sound bad and although in the video Tyler looks like someone’s sad grandma who got ditched at a dilapidated home, its undeniable that his lyrics stay true to the country genre and doesn’t feel out of place at all if compared to other country bigwigs like Rascal Flatts and Lady Antebellum.

Like all Aerosmith videos, there’s a pretty young girl running around here too, although thankfully nothing really takes place between her and Tyler (good call), allowing listeners to really pay attention to whats important and giving them a glimpse of Tyler’s country band, Loving Mary, too.