Never forgetting his fans in everything that he does, Taiwanese singer-songwriter Wang Leehom recently shared a video clip of his daughter Wang Jiali’s first birthday with them.

As reported on Tencent Entertainment, the R&B singer recently posted a home video on Facebook, which features various clips of Jiali’s birthday celebration on 8 July and the preparation that came before it.

Narrating the video himself, Wang told viewers that his wife, Jinglei, made an ‘elephant music cake’ herself for their daughter, and that they invited several friends over to celebrate with them.
Wang also revealed that they did a ritual called ‘grab surroundings’ – where they spread various kinds of toys that represent a different career in various fields, and let little Jiali choose.
Though the singer didn’t mention what career toy Jiali picked, he stressed that it was just for fun and that they will support Jiali in anything that she chooses to do in the future.
However, when it comes to the celebration itself, Wang covered his daughter’s face with a rabbit image to protect her privacy.
He added, “Even though her face is covered, I hope you all can feel the atmosphere of her very first birthday party.” 
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