Rumours are rife that Chinese rock star Wang Feng has secretly married actress fiancée, Zhang Ziyi.
As reported on Mingpao News, the couple, who was revealed to have applied for Notice of Intended Marriage in Hong Kong back on 29 March, was expected to tie the knot in late June, according to its three-month deadline.

However, there were no indications that Zhang and Wang have done so as expected.

Nonetheless, Wang has sparked rumours of a secret marriage recently, when he was spotted wearing what seemed to be a wedding band during his concert in Xi’an on 27 June.
Diligent Netizens have been investigating said ring, and found that the singer had not worn the same ring at his concert on 9 May, although it was later seen during his concert on 17 May.
Netizens speculated that the couple may have tied the knot somewhere between the two dates in Hong Kong, stating that according to the Hong Kong law, some ceremony can be performed at home.
The couple has yet to respond to the rumours.
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