The recent broadcast of Jiangsu TV’s “King of Mask Singer” was recently criticised by viewers, who believed that the whole premise is fake, as reported on Kwongwah.

The competition, adapted from a South Korean show of the same name, aims to showcase performances by singers in masks in order to get judges and audiences vote for their talent rather than popularity.

However, Netizens recently denounced the programme as fake, saying that it was fairly easy to recognise the identity of the person behind the mask.
“The masks were designed to expose the eyes and mouth. Adding to the voice, anybody could guess who is behind it,” said one Netizen.
Judges, including Eric Moo and Annie Yi were also criticised, for supposedly faking their reaction and pretending not to know who was behind the mask.
However, the winner of the first episode, Hacken Lee, stated that the judging table was far from the stage, and that there was a chance that the judges didn’t recognise who was performing.
(Photo source: asianpopnews.com)