Following the success of the first and second movies, it was revealed that director Wong Jing has recently begun production on “From Vegas to Macau 3”.

As reported on Oriental Daily News, Wong recently revealed that the third movie will be filmed under the hefty budget of RMB250 million (approximately USD40 million), and guest stars celebrities including Wu Chun, Janice Man, and Yuen Qiu.

The director also stated that he has invited Jacky Cheung and Chris Lee Yuchun to star in the third instalment.
“Jacky will play the role of an arms dealer who was romantically linked to Carina’s character,” said Wong.
As for Lee, the director admitted that her tough girl image has inspired him to create a character of a junior colleague of the God of Gamblers.
“She will imitate his every move,” he said.
The filming is scheduled to be held in several overseas locations including Thailand, Singapore, and Macau. A press conference will be held in August to confirm cast members and reveal other information.
(Photo credit: maydaily.com)