Amused by tabloids misrepresentation of his words recently, Vanness Wu turned to social media to express himself and clarify the situation.

As reported on China Times, previously, the singer was approached for comments about his supposedly rocky marriage with Arissa Cheo.

Rumours of their shaky marriage resurfaced recently when Arissa lamented online about how people she cares about were never there for her.
Instead of a clarification, tabloids claimed that the singer was furious and exclaimed, “What!”, before retorting that he prefers to keep his privacy.
Upon reading the news, Vanness took it upon himself to clarify, by recording a three-second sound clip of the word “What?” and shared it online.
“It turns out being funny can be reported as being angry. Hey, okay. When you laugh this time, are you happy or are you frightened by me?”
His manager also clarified that Vanness’ previous response was meant to be taken light-heartedly and not in any way an angry remark towards reporters.
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