Chinese artiste manager and David Tao’s ex-girlfriend Tiffany Yang has fired back after learning about his confessions at his press conference yesterday.

In his press conference held on 7 July, David admitted to have met with Tiffany once in Chengdu on 19 June, stressing that he had regretted it since.

His manager also stated that David’s message to Tiffany, which stated that he married Penny to please his mother, was just a frivolous answer to a question.
Expressing her anger with the response online, Tiffany stated, “If you don’t want to talk to me, why would you say you were thinking of me when I asked why you have returned? Did I put a gun to your head to come and see me?”
She also expressed her anger over his admission that his statement about marrying Penny to please his mother was a mere ‘frivolous’ answer to her question, saying, “In the end, in exchange for a ‘frivolous answer’, I probably should say thank you. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for your words.”
(Photo source: udn.com)