Taiwanese actress-model Sonia Sui revealed that she plans to give birth in Singapore and remain in the country throughout her confinement period.

As reported by UDN News, the actress, who attended a brand event recently, revealed that she has discussed childbirth plans with husband Tony Xie and they both agreed that Singapore would be the best place to do so.

“It’s quieter there,” said Sonia, referring to the lack of paparazzi in Singapore. “Tony also said that it’s close to Taiwan.”
The 7 months pregnant actress also talked about her motherhood plans, saying that she will play the strict mother to Tony’s more lenient attitude.
“If a child falls, I will not rush to him so that he can get up on his own. I hope that my child will be independent,” she said.
Sonia also admitted that she has yet to assign a baby room for her future child, and hasn’t had time to buy baby supplies.
“Luckily my friends have been giving a lot of baby items as presents,” she said.
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