Nicholas Tse
He may have injured his hand while trying to handle a Chinese mitten crab, but Nicholas Tse stated recently that it was more painful to see his medical records being on public display.

According to Mingpao News, previously, Nic’s manager Mani Fok revealed that the actor was pinched by a crab while preparing his Chinese Mitten Crab dish for the second season of “Chef Nic”.

However, several tabloids were able to get their hands on more than that, and published the actor’s X-ray, medical records, other photos, and even his personal information online.
Speaking to the media recently, the actor stated that he is now fine and that the injury has been taken care of, though it’s the exposure of his medical records that hurts him more.
“The pain in my finger is less than the pain that I felt about other people’s curiosity. They are proud of stealing people’s personal data and completely ignoring their ethics,” he said.
Nic added, “Respect others if you want others to respect yourself. Stop this intrusion. Do not let this become a popular phenomenon. Don’t let the progress of technology become the regression of one’s moral.” 
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