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The Malaysian National Service programme which went on hiatus since early this year is expected to resume next January with a brand new module based on market needs aiming to prepare youths for the workforce, New Straits Times reports.

The new programme which is called “Transformation 2.0” will provide a second chance for drop-out students who cannot further their studies at private or public institutions.

“They will be able to choose a higher institution of their choice to take 4 to 24 month certificates courses,” said Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein at Dewan Negara.

“It will focus on soft skills and give students ‘a second netting security’ for those who do not know what to do after their studies. It is to kickstart the future of these youths,” he added.

The new module is divided into two phases where the first phase will focus on soft skills modules such as Confidence, Volunteerism, Unity in Diversity, Patriotism, Be Safe and Alert, Act and Talk and Fit for Life programmes.

Meanwhile, the second phase requires the students to study on their chosen certificates.

“Students will also be exposed to elements of the world threat faced today like militancy, division of race and religion through social media that can be exploited. Many countries are battling with unity, volunteerism and patriotism. The programme will be one of the channels to expose students to these threats,” Datuk Seri Hishammuddin said.

(Photo source: khidmatnegara.gov.my)