Myolie Wu 25 a
Though good friend Nancy Wu let it slip that Myolie Wu is possibly getting married in England, Myolie has recently denied rumours that she is getting married at all.

According to Mingpao News, previously, Nancy told the media that she tried asking Myolie if they are all flying off to England for the wedding so that she can start saving money.

The actress also expressed her confidence that she will be made one of the bridesmaids.
However, when asked about it recently, Myolie, who was in mainland China for an event, smilingly replied, “Anything that didn’t come from me can’t be true.”
“Someone asked me whether I am getting married in England. Even I don’t know that,” she added.
As to whether she will have a secret wedding like actress Rosina Lin, Myolie replied, “Personally, I won’t be so secretive. But if my boyfriend wants me to, I will respect his wishes.”
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