Following the news about the break up of Moon Law and his girlfriend of four years, TV news anchor Tseung Man Choi, a new rumour has emerged about the cause of the breakup and the actor’s whereabouts earlier in the year.

As reported on Mingpao News, a tabloid recently reported that Moon, who was reportedly dumped by his girlfriend recently after cheating on her with a flight attendant, was detained in South Korea after following the latter to the country back in February.

It was alleged that the actor had a drunken brawl with the locals while he was in the country, and was arrested by the police. Due to the language barrier, Moon had to contact TVB Executive Sandy Yue for assistance.
Reportedly, the actor had to remain in the country for two months while the company arranged for legal assistance. During his forced stay, Moon continued uploading photos of his activities in the country online under the pretense of being on a break.
The tabloid claimed that it was after learning about the incident that Tseung decided to end their relationship.
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