Raman Hui’s fantasy adventure film “Monster Hunt” has officially beaten Xu Zheng’s “Lost in Thailand” to become the highest-grossing Chinese film of all time.

According to CRI News, the movie, starring Bai Baihe, Wallace Chung, and Jing Boran, grossed RMB1.27 billion (approximately USD205 million) as of 26 July, setting a new record ten days after its opening.

This was great news for the production team, which had faced an unforeseen problem when its original lead star Kai Ko was arrested for drugs last year.
After China’s Censorship Board made it official that problematic stars will be banned from appearing in TV and movies, the producers decided to re-shoot the film with new lead actor Jing Boran, despite the fact that Ko had already shot 80 percent of his scenes.
Meanwhile, Xu Zheng recently showed sportsmanship by posting a photo of the movie’s monster dancing on top of his head as his own form of congratulations to the “Monster Hunt” team.
“Monster Hunt”, the brainchild of “Shrek: The Third” co-director Raman Hui, has been showing in Malaysia and Singapore since 23 July.