ellie goulding powerful video

Major Lazer, the electronic music group created by record producer Diplo along with members Jillionaire and Walshy Fire have released the music video of their second single “Powerful” from their third studio album “Peace is the Mission”, featuring Ellie Goulding and Tarrus Riley.

tn major lazer powerful

In the music video, Goulding and Riley go ‘supernatural’ by performing some mind-blowing telekinesis, as they ruin everyone’s meals in the diner with their cup-spinning, spoon-bending, plate-swirling and food-levitating powers.

Untitled 1

Honestly, the song is certainly fitting to its title – powerful, strong, impactful, and it will be a great mid-year anthem for us to enjoy.

With Goulding wispy, airy and light tone merging with reggae singer Riley’s powerful vibrating voice, the song gives off a comfortable laidback vibe to those who could use some music for the soul.

Any electronic song that features Goulding usually turns out well as her piercing voice goes well the genre.

Also, the song doesn’t sound like any other EDM tracks out there as it has a sort of an R&B plus Jamaican style influence too.