“#Selfie” DJs, The Chainsmokers have finally released their long-awaited music video for “Roses” featuring 22-year-old pop singer Rozes, and guess what? The music video features the city of Kuala Lumpur in it!

DJ duo Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have travelled the world for their recent tour and their journey throughout has been documented and compiled into the music video of “Roses”.

Obviously, Malaysia was one of the destinations the pair visited.

It’s pretty obvious if you pay close attention to the music video as it shows the iconic landmark – the KL Twin Towers as well as KL International Airport (KLIA).



Several other cities are featured too, most prominently Japan.

As for the song, it’s not as hyper as their hit song “#Selfie”, but that’s a welcoming change since the beat this time around exudes a very laidback vibe that’s subtly layered with the soothing vocals of Rozes, making the song something that can be played on repeat over and over again without getting tired of it anytime soon!

Check out the music video below!