Despite previous rumours of their reconciliation, it was recently revealed that mainland actress Kitty Zhang and husband, director Wang Quan’an, have called it quits.

The actress previously received a lot of flak from Netizens after she was photographed at home with the director after his release from detention.

The two of them were photographed having dinner in Kitty’s new residence, sparking speculations that she has accepted Wang back into her life despite his wrongdoings.
However, on 2 July, the “CJ7” actress indirectly announced their separation online, saying, “In the world where time turns, fate comes and goes. Time fills the gap inside the carvings of life.”
“Even if we go our separate ways, I would still cling on to the disappointment for a while. I wish for your happiness, and I will pray for my fulfillment.”
Back in September last year, Wang made headlines when he was arrested for soliciting prostitutes while the actress was in New York for Fashion Week.
He was revealed to have paid for sex service three days in a row, and on one night had sex with two women at once, according to Chinese authorities.
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