Hong Kong actress and End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation Chairperson, Josephine Siao, has recently expressed her anger with the issue concerning the indecent photographs of six-year-old child star Celine Yeung.

Previously, the child star unwittingly made headlines after her photo book, “Lovely Childhood Memory”, had to be removed from sale at the Hong Kong Book Fair amid complaints of several indecent photographs of Celine in her underwear.

Although its publisher Popcorn Publishing has apologised, the case had since been taken over by the Kowloon East Regional Crime Unit, who will determine whether or not the book is considered child pornography.
Josephine’s foundation had since released a statement denouncing the incident, stating that the people involved in the making of the photo book should be held accountable.
“This use of a child’s innocence to harm the child is atrocious!”
The actress also expressed her worries about the psychological pressure that would befall Celine.
“The child is only six and is unable to distinguish right from wrong. Now all of a sudden, the whole city is discussing her photo album. She will feel tremendous pressure and be traumatised by it.”
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