A play with words has landed Taiwanese diva Jolin Tsai in hot water with mainland netizens.
As reported by ET Today, the singer, who was in Beijing recently for her Play World Tour, greeted her Beijing fans on Weibo, saying “I Pei! Beijing!”

Though “Pei” is the Chinese title of her album “Play”, it also means to spit in hate – something that didn’t sit well with some Chinese Netizens, who accused the singer of being disrespectful.

The misunderstanding has also started a heated debate between her fans and her critics, which ended up with Jolin removing the post from her Weibo page.
Addressing the issue recently, Jolin’s manager clarified that Jolin only meant to say that her Play World Tour has come to Beijing and she is coming as well.
“But after seeing the arguments online because of it, Jolin decided to remove the post. She hopes that her fans will come to her concert feeling happy,” said the manager.
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