Hong Kong singer Jinny Ng has been romantically linked to many men since her debut, from fellow singers Fred Cheng and Alfred Hui, actors Edwin Siu and Jason Wong, to record executive Herman Ho.

She was even rumoured to have her “Young Charioteers” co-stars Alan Wan and Adrian Chau fighting over her, though it seems that the former might be winning the rumoured fight after all.

According to On CC News, Jinny and Alan, who have been spending more and more time together lately, were recently spotted on a movie date together.
The two of them were having fun as they walked side by side towards the parking lot after the movie, before Jinny was seen driving Alan home.
They were also out and about the next day as well, having a late night dessert together until closing time. 
Rumours of their relationship started after Alan was seen accompanying Jinny several times to the hospital where her mother was treated for her injuries from her bike accident in March. Although she was also seen with another co-star Adrian Chau during her visits, it was Alan’s kindness towards Jinny that attracted the most attention.
The two stars have yet to respond to the rumours at the time of writing.
(Photo source: kh.on.cc/hk)