Jackie Chan has become the first Chinese actor to have made it on the list of Forbes’ World Highest Paid Celebrities.

According to ECNS news, the action superstar made it to the 38th position with USD50 million in pre-tax earnings, despite the lack of any Hollywood box office hits for the past five years.

He is the only Chinese figure on the list.
Jackie, who also produces and directs, is also the owner of several Jackie Chan-branded merchandise, alongside a Segway dealership and a chain of Jackie Chan cinemas. 
He also recently launched his own film and television academy.
The top two spots are held by boxing champions Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, while singer Katy Perry became the highest paid singer, landing on the third spot with an earning of USD135 million over the past year.
(Photo source: jackiechan.com/blog)