Rumours are rife that songstress Faye Wong may be pregnant with boyfriend Nicholas Tse’s baby.
As reported by On CC, recently the singer was secretly photographed at the airport with her daughter Li Yan, sporting what looked like a baby bump.

Faye, who covered half of her face under a surgical mask, wore loose-fitting black clothes, supposedly to hide her protruding belly underneath.

This isn’t the first time she was rumoured to be pregnant. A few months back, she was photographed exercising in loose-fitting clothes and hiding her belly with a sweater while doing a slow jog.
It was also rumoured that Faye has postponed her tour. Though it was said that she did so to prepare for her daughter Leah’s singing debut, many believed that she is actually taking a break due to pregnancy.
Faye has yet to respond to the rumours at the time of writing.  
(Photo source: hk.on.cc/hk)