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Malaysian actress Elfira Loy has revealed that she will be opening a café called “Love Me Seven Days” which offers both local and western cuisine.

The 21-year-old actress who attended Media Prima’s Raya programme preview “Syukur Selalu” at Istana Hotel yesterday – told TheHive.Asia that she hasn’t been participating in any acting activities this year because she has been busy focusing on her studies and her new café.

Elfira mentioned that she has been rejecting job offers because she wants to focus on her last semester of study.

However, as she is already used to studying and working at the same time, she feels that even though she didn’t accept any acting jobs this year, she still needs to work.

“Previously, even though I’m still studying, I still tried to make some time and go for film shooting. It’s part of my routine and I’m used to it,” said the actress.

“But after rejecting a lot of job offers this year, I still feel that I have to work because I’m used to acting and studying at the same time, which is why I decided to open my own café,” she added.

According to the actress, the café will have a modern contemporary style, offering both local and western cuisine which will suit the Malaysian palate. It is located at Alam Damai.

The café is fully managed by Elfira and is still in its trial period as the actress is still deciding on the menu, trying out new recipes and is still in search for the managing staff.

Nevertheless, the actress has confirmed that the café is expected to open for business after Raya Aidilfitri.