David Tao has recently held a press conference to address the accusations made by ex-girlfriend Tiffany Yang about his supposed infidelity.

In it, he admitted to have cheated on wife Penny by meeting with Tiffany in Chengdu on 19 June, but stressed that it was the only time it had happened.

He also admitted to have occasionally chatted with Tiffany via text messages after his marriage with Penny Jiang.
However, according to Tencent Entertainment, the General Manager of David Tao’s agency Great Entertainment, Alex Wang, slipped up after the interview by showing some of his text conversations with Tiffany, and remarked that “many of which happened in 2014”.
Since David had also admitted to be dating Penny two to three years before marriage, it sparked doubt that David may have been cheating on both Penny and Tiffany before his marriage.
(Photo source: news.youth.cn)