A photo book of six-year-old child star Celine Yeung has been removed from sale at the Hong Kong Book Fair, after several complaints regarding some of its supposedly inappropriate photos.

As reported on On CC News, the Trade Development Council has recently sent a copy of the book to HKSAR’s Obscene Articles Tribunal (OAT) after receiving backlashes from many about its content.

One of the images shows Celine in a top and white underpants sitting on the floor with her legs open, while another photo features the six-year-old raising her buttocks while wearing underpants.
OAT will decide whether or not it is considered obscene. However, Celine’s mother, who manages her Facebook page, announced the news of the book’s removal.
Mrs. Yeung stated that she was with her daughter throughout the photo shoot in South Korea, though admitted that she wasn’t involved in the selection of images.
The book publisher, Popcorn Publishing, had since issued a public apology.  
(Photo source: metroradio.com.hk)