Aside from burn victim Selina Jen, more and more Taiwanese celebrities are coming forward to express their support for the victims of the Formosa Fun coast Water Park blaze.

According to Focus Taiwan, celebrities, including Jolin Tsai and Show Luo, have been expressing their prayers and support for the many injured victims, in hopes to expedite their recovery.

Show Luo, for example, recently recorded a message to one Chang Yen-cheng, a fan who suffered second to third degree burns over 70 percent of her body.
“I know you are in great pain, but you must be strong and stand up. I hope you can. All friends and family who love you are waiting for you,” said the singer in his message.
Meanwhile, good friend Jolin Tsai has also recorded her message for another burn victim, Liu Chih-wei, who is fighting for his life at the Taichung Veterans General Hospital.
She said, “No matter what it takes, you must overcome your fear and continue to fight with your family and doctors. Many good things are still waiting for you.”
410 victims are currently being treated for the blaze that broke out at the water park, suspected to have been caused by an explosion of a coloured powder during a party. 194 of the victims are being treated for serious injuries.
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