Twin sisters Miko and Yumi have declined to respond to rumours of plastic surgery when inquired about it recently.

According to On CC News, the Taiwan-based singers, who go by the name BY2, were rumoured to have undergone cosmetic procedures after Netizens compared their recent photo with their image in the early years.

Many pointed out that the twins are looking more and more different than each other, claiming Yumi has done more plastic surgery to herself that she now no longer resembles Miko.
However, when asked to respond to the allegations, BY2 told the media that they have nothing to say and will not take offense.
“Our appearances will still be judged no matter what we do,” said Miko.
Yumi added that one doesn’t need plastic surgery to enhance one’s look when there are various products and make-up techniques that can be used to do it.
However, when asked to push their noses up to prove that no surgery has been done. Yumi declined to do so, and asked Miko to do it instead – which only further strengthened the rumours.
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