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As usual, when it is almost or during the festive season – be it Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Christmas or Hari Raya – there will surely be some lesson-to-be-learned kind of commercials appearing on the net commissioned by several companies aiming to promote their brands with an underlining message.

The life lesson and messages behind some of these commercials can get truly meaningful and impactful too, and some would even make tears roll down our cheeks.

And since it is almost Raya Aidilfitri, there are a number of Raya commercials out there that we truly love. Let’s take a look at the best four that we picked!

Astro (True Story: Herman)

This touching commercial is based on a true story about a former drug addict named Herman who goes down the wrong path and is exposed to drugs. This, in time, causes him to be partially paralysed and unable to speak. Nevertheless, he never gives up and has now changed for the better, and he wishes to apologise to his father for all the bad things that he had done.

PTS Media Gorup (Syafiqa’s Raya Card)

This is commercial is about a student named Syafiqa and her art teacher. The teacher has helped Syafiqah a lot because she is a poor student. One day, Syafiqa finds out that the teacher is unable to go back because her flight ticket is too expensive. In the meantime, the teacher has asked her class to make a Raya card for each of their parents to thank them. But on the day that the student is supposed to hand in the Raya card, Syafiqa is absent. Syafiqa’s father meets the teacher to tell her that Syafiqa has passed away due to brain cancer and has asked him to give her card to the teacher.

Telekom Malaysia (The mysterious uncle)

The advertisement from Telekom Malaysia is about a stingy woman. When she goes out for a dinner with her friends one day, her friends ask her to pay for the meal as she had never treated them before. But she pretends that she has forgotten to bring her wallet even though she actually has it with her. When she goes to her car, she finds out that she has lost her wallet and is desperately searching for it as her keys is inside. Then, a mysterious uncle appears and asks about her problem to which she explains. The uncle then stops a taxi and pays for her ride with a bag of coins which he worked so hard for. The woman the realises that, even though the uncle is so poor, he is willing to help others with the little amount of money that he earns every day, while she refuses to give hers. She then changes her ways and has an open house where the kind uncle is invited too.

TV3 (Always be grateful)

The Raya commercial from TV3 follows a moderately-wealthy family who comes across various people that are poorer and living a harsher life than them, but they are still grateful with what their lives have given them and live every day to the fullest. Thus, the family learns that whatever hardships that they may face every day, they should still be grateful because there are people who are worse off than them out there.