Fed up by criticisms regarding her post-baby weight, Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu recently turned to social media to express her frustration.

According to Epoch Times, on 19 July, the actress posted, “Everybody has their own unique beauty. Now I am neither fat nor thin, I am enjoying my life, and everything is fine.”

“Who said that a woman must be skeletal to look nice? Who?” she added.
Her body weight has always been the subject of media scrutiny since giving birth to daughter Wang Hsi-yueh in April last year.
Barbie admitted that she tried various methods to slim down after childbirth, including the extreme ones, before realising that her health is more important than her outer appearance.
“I remember when my goal was to be stick thin. My weight was only 35kg, and can be considered anorexic. Not only does it damage my health, I also made a bad example for young girls. Of course, being overweight can also affect your health, but I believe being stick thin is no longer a trend.”
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