After months of preparation, Hong Kong actor Alan Wan has finally launched his first ice cream sandwich shop, Stacks.

As reported on On CC, on 18 July, the actor held a grand opening of the new shop in Mongkok, attended by celebrity friends including Adrian Chau, Sisley Choi, Bob Lam, Eric Li, Veronica Shiu, and many more.

However, rumoured girlfriend Jinny Ng was nowhere in sight.
“It was hard at first,” said Alan, when asked about his first time experience of opening his own shop. “Every time I found the right location and finished all the paperwork, the owner changed his mind and declined to rent out the place to me.”
Some owners even refused after getting the deposit, Alan added.
When asked the actual amount he invested in the business, the actor stated that he doesn’t know the exact numbers, but admitted that it was around seven figures.
“I used up all my savings for this, so I am pretty poor right now,” he lightheartedly added.
As for Jinny’s absence, Alan stated that the singer’s assistance in creating the menu was enough for him, adding that Jinny had even expressed intention to invest in his next ice cream business.
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