unsend gmail

Have you ever accidentally sent your email to the wrong person? Or maybe forgotten to include the attachment to the email? Or accidentally hit “Reply to all” instead of just “Reply”?

Well, worry no more because Gmail finally has the perfect solution to your problem!


You can now retrieve back the wrong email that you sent with Gmail’s new “Undo Send” feature, which delays the sending time between 5 to 30 seconds before sending an email.
With the delay, users will be able to save themselves before sending the wrong email by pressing the “Undo” button.
To activate the feature, users need to go to “Settings” and then tick the “Enable Undo Send” function under the “General” tab.

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Users can choose to delay either 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds before sending an email.


After the feature is activated, when an email is sent, a message will appear at the top of your inbox that gives you the option to “Undo” within the set time frame. And if you do undo the message, it will then give you the option to either delete or edit it.