Hong Kong singer Wilfred Lau has apologised for his recent Facebook post that was deemed rude towards labourers.

As reported on HK Channel, previously, the actor posted a photo of a pair of dirty hands on Facebook, saying, “I was eating my noodles earlier, when I saw a man whose hands looked like this (Of course I exaggerated it a bit).”

“With every bite that I took, I glanced at his hands. I couldn’t stand it anymore after my third bite, so I had to surrender to “Go”.”
He also linked the post to his new song, “Go” to promote it.
However, his promotional post backfired when Wilfred received more than a thousand negative comments from Netizens, slamming him for discriminating against labourers.
Wilfred had since apologised for his post, saying that he wasn’t discriminating any group of people.
“I really didn’t mean it that way. I have great respect for workers of all levels. I am aware that their hard work has contributed to Hong Kong.”
Wilfred also added that he will think before writing anything in future.
(Photo source: jaynestars.com)