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Coffee is considered one of the most essential and popular drinks in the world, some people are so addicted to coffee that their day won’t be the same if they don’t start it with a cup of hotly brewed coffee.

We have coffee drinkers everywhere, but every country has different ways of serving it and some of them have their very own unique signature coffee.

From the variations of espresso like cappuccino, latte and macchiato, to French traditional café au lait or German specialty Eiskaffee, as well as Malaysian signature white coffee and many more!

However, these are only some of the commonly popular mainstream coffees that are known throughout the world. Real coffee lovers might want to try out something a little bit more bizarre, extreme and out of this world.

Check out these 5 strange coffee brews that can be found from around the world.

1. Kopi Luwak

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Also known as civet coffee, is an Indonesian coffee drink where the beans are fed to the Asian palm civet – also known as toddy cat – passing through its digestive system and out through defecation. The coffee is considered one of the most expensive coffees in the world with prices range from USD50 per cup to USD700 per kilogram. The taste of kopi luwak is not particularly that good as noted by many coffee experts because they believed that the drink is bought for novelty rather than taste. The only appraisable trait is its good acidity and flavour that adds smoothness to the body.

2. Kopi Joss

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Another unusual coffee found in Indonesia, kopi joss – also known as charcoal coffee – is made when a lump of hot charcoal is added into a cup of Javanese-style coffee. The drink is known to be relatively cheap which is around USD0.35. It also helps neutralise acidity in the stomach. The drink is pretty common in Indonesia and is reportedly to be very sweet.

3. Black Ivory coffee

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Better known as elephant dung coffee, Black Ivory is a Thailand brand coffee and is produced in a similar way with kopi luwak where Arabica coffee beans is being fed to elephants and is then collected from their faeces. It is the world’s most expensive coffee which priced at USD1100 per kilogram. The coffee is popular because it is without the bitterness of regular coffee and is super smooth. This is due to the influence of the elephants’ digestive enzymes which breaks down the coffee’s protein.

4. Monkey spit coffee

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In Taiwan, a special type of coffee is being produced through monkey spit. Formosan Rock Monkeys also called Taiwanese macaque, is a type of native monkey that can be found on the island of Taiwan. The monkeys which first posed as a threat to the farmers, has now become their helpers as the coffee beans they chewed and spit out, taste better than regular coffees as they possess a vanilla-like scent. Due to its limited supply, the coffee is quite pricey, which is about USD56 a pound.

5. Jacu Bird coffee

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Like kopi luwak and Black Ivory coffee, Jacu bird coffee is also made from droppings – that is the Brazilian Jacu bird droppings. The process is similar with the civet and elephant dung coffee which passes through the digestive system and then defecated. However, the coffee is less expensive compared to the other two animal dungs coffee, which is at around USD13 a pound. Jacu Bird coffee also removes the bitter flavour of coffee beans.