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Hong Kong actress and former beauty queen Tammy Ou-Yang assured that she is okay, after it was revealed that she was in Sabah, Malaysia when a 5.9-magnitude earthquake hit the region on 5 June.

According to On CC News, the actress, who was in the area to film TVB’s travelling show, “Fun Abroad”, revealed online that she was indoor at the time and was not affected by the situation at all.

“I was putting on make-up at the hotel when it suddenly shook,” said Tammy.
The actress quickly hid in her bath tub and tried calling her mother. When she received no answer, Tammy called boyfriend Auston Lam to let him know that she was safe.
She also stated that the near-death experience has taught her to treasure the people around her.
(Photo source: hk.on.cc/hk)