After a suspicious tip that led the paparazzi to JJ Lin’s alleged lunch date with a younger woman, another source has decided to send the media another proof of their relationship.

According to Seehua News, recently, a source claiming to be friends with the mysterious woman exposed a conversation that the latter had with JJ on the communication app, LINE.

One of the lines in the chat log read: “My wrist watch is in your bathroom”, sparking speculations about their relationship.
When asked to comment about the exposed chat log, the woman stated that a friend posted the screen shot without her permission.
“I am worried that JJ may be affected or hurt. But this thing needs to be clarified as well. But this is our personal problem. We are still friends,” she said.
On the other hand, JJ’s record label Warner Music said that the singer will not give any response to the reports.
(Photo source: businesstimes.com.sg)