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Taiwanese pop star Show Luo has finally confessed to dating Chinese blogger Grace Chou after he was caught on a trip to Shanghai with her.

As reported on On CC News, the mainland tabloids reported that Show and Grace had arrived in Shanghai separately but checked-in at the same hotel.

Although they booked different rooms, the singer reportedly spent the night at Grace’s room instead.

After the news got circulated online, Show left a message on Weibo, saying, “Yes, thank you everyone. But I will continue to do my job well.”
His management company had also responded, saying, “He is still focusing on his career at this stage of life. He’s not a child, so he should have his own private life.”
His rep also urged the public to give Show some space.
Reportedly, Show has already introduced Grace to his mother, who likes her for her forwardness.
However, the news was not taken very well by some fans, who prefer Tia Li or Linda Chien, the two Taiwanese celebrities that were romantically linked to him previously.
Back in May last year, Show denied romance with Grace, known to many as ‘Little Angelababy’, despite rumours that they have been flirting with each other online.
(Photo Source: ETtoday.net)