Former TVB actress Renee Dai has declined to make any more comments regarding her relationship with Tai Chi Band drummer Ricky Chu, following Ricky’s wife allegations about their affair, Mingpao News reported.

Previously, Renee and Ricky admitted to their relationship, after they were photographed holding hands and having a meal together at a shopping mall.

Although Renee knew that Ricky is a married man, she stressed that the drummer is indeed filing for divorce from wife, Anne.
However, a series of emails sent by Anne later on revealed otherwise. Anne accused Renee of destroying her marriage, and that she has caught them in bed twice before.
Anne also denied that she and Ricky are separated let alone working on their divorce.
When asked to respond to Anne’s allegations, Renee stated that she will no longer respond to the issue so as not to influence the public.
“I hope that you will give us space. Thank you for your concern,” she said.
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