High profile Muslim convert, Raisyyah Rania Yeap a.k.a. Felixia Yeap who is well known for her brief stint as Malaysia’s very first Chinese Playboy model, revealed that she had finally tied the knot yesterday.

Rara, as she asks her fans to call her, posts on her various social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, pictures of her simple wedding ceremony.

The model also revealed that she did her own makeup and her bridesmaids were her “Friends of more than 10 years”. 
The bride and her bridesmaids.
Rara showing off her ring.

The blushing bride makes no mention of her husband’s name or identity, but it was reported by Rotikaya that the Raja Sehari was none other than Dr. Rezal Khairi Ahmad, the Chief Executive Officer of Nano Malaysia Berhad.
Her Facebook friends/followers, who might have been wondering why on 28 May the 28-year-old posted a question asking where to get “Superman around the size of a Barbie doll”, can now stop scratching their heads as a photo of her wedding car ornament will solve the mystery.
Mystery solved.
In the few days leading up to her wedding, the then-bride-to-be had been hinting on her upcoming nuptial with several cryptic posts on her social media accounts.
Prior to her marriage, Rara had been denying speculations of her dating a Malaysian royalty. In March, she made quite a lengthy post (okay, just longish compared to her usual stuff) vehemently denying that she was getting hitched and stating that “Ini amoi manyak single”. 
(Photo source: rotikaya.com / Other photos borrowed from facebook.com/RaisyyahRaniaYeapOFFICIAL)