Discovery News Network has recently announced the production of a new documentary about the earthquake in Nepal, called “Aftershock: Disaster in Nepal”, in cooperation with actress Michelle Yeoh.
According to Wenweipo News, the actress will be managing several programme links and a special public service announcement to raise awareness about the aftermath of the natural disaster, as well as the difficulties faced by the people living in the country after the tragedy.
Michelle herself is significant to the whole project, after being stranded in the country with fiancé Jean Todt following the earthquake that shook Nepal back in April.
She is also the Goodwill Ambassador of the international humanitarian organisation, Live to Love, which participates actively in disaster reliefs.
“Both Nepal and the incredible work by Live to Love are very close to my heart. More people need to be aware of what is happening after not one, but two earthquakes. We hope to also show our strength and capacity for kindness and empathy.”
The 60-minute special, “Aftershock: Disaster in Nepal”, will air on Discovery Channel on 14 June.
(Photo source: wenweipo.com)