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As part of their 25th year anniversary celebration, Danish pop/soft rock band from late 80s, Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR) will be holding a special concert, “Michael Learns to Rock: 25 Live” in Singapore on 24 July at The Star Performing Arts Centre.

The much-anticipated concert will be a whole new experience to the fans as it will feature stunning multimedia on LEDs, confetti and special musical arrangements by the multi-platinum selling band.

“Our 25th anniversary as recording artists is a milestone in our career and calls for something special for our fantastic fans in Singapore and the rest of Asia. That’s why we are working on a new show with great visual effects and a lot of our fans’ favourite songs. It is our aim to create new visual surroundings to our music adding new perspectives to the MLTR live experience.

“We look forward to bringing the show to Singapore for the first time ever and hope to see a lot of smiling faces and hear the beautiful voices of our fans singing along. See you!,” said the band in a statement obtained by Channel News Asia.

Old fans of MLTR can expect the award-winning band to perform some of their all-time favourite hits like “Sleeping Child”, “25 Minutes”, “Paint My Love”, “The Actor”, “That’s Why (You Go Away)” and “Someday”.

Fans can also look forward to some “25” themed activities during the concert, like the search for 25 fans with the best stories on how the band’s music has impacted their lives, a “25” photowall at the concert venue where fans can stand a chance to get their selfies taken with the band and more.

The concert tickets are priced at SGD78, SGD108, SGD138, and SGD168 and can be bought via all SISTIC channels.