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Cambodia’s Colour Run race drew in a huge crowd last weekend as it made its first ever appearance in the country.

Organised by the telecommunications company, Metfone on 30th May 2015, the run which features coloured powder and music surrounding the runners, had gathered around 5,000 young participants at Diamond Island.

Although only registered participants were allowed to gather at the starting line, the unregistered crowds that were waiting in the area were also eventually allowed to participate when the police removed the barricades a few minutes after the race had officially started at 4.30pm.

The run featured a track about 2KM long and runners along the path had to go through different sections that was dedicated to its own coloured themes.

At the end of the track, all the colourful runners had huge stage and an post-race celebration to look forward to as it featured performances from local artistes as well as a DJ that played the latest hit songs.

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The crowd mostly made up of youths awaiting at the starting line which is quite far away.
DSC 0274
As soon as the race started, some unregistered runners climbed over the barricades!
DSC 0277
This Malaysian couple also participated in Cambodia’s first Colour Run race!
DSC 0271
Some even found the event a great opportunity to take selfies.
DSC 0292
The mini-stage at the starting line had people cheering on the runners.
DSC 0294
And thoroughly cheered up they were!
DSC 0300
Some decided to take things slow and go for a walk with their buddies instead.
DSC 0323
 Yellow yellow, many ‘dirty’ fellows.
DSC 0331
The purple section.
DSC 0344
Many made new friends at the run.
DSC 0350
Some just wanted to party with the music!
DSC 0361
A huge stage at the end of the run for runners to celebrate with performances by local artistes.
DSC 0367
Some choose to sit and recuperate with fluids.
DSC 0369
But many were psyched to pose for awesome colourful photos.