Japanese instant communication app, LINE has launched a new group call app called Popcorn Buzz which lets you talks to 200 people simultaneously.

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The new app will compete with existing platforms which already have the same function like Skype and KakaoTalk, but unlike these two apps, LINE can feature a massive amount of 200 participants, while Skype and KakaoTalk can only allow 25  and 5 people respectively.


Therefore, Popcorn Buzz seems to be the most ideal platform for business related matters as it works like a mini conference and the service is absolutely free of charge!

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To get started, for those who already have a LINE account, simply need to send out a group call URL which can be done via email, text message or other communication methods to other contacts.


During the group call, users can know who is currently talking by noting the green dots that appear on the persons’ avatars.


For now, the app is only available for Android users but LINE has confirmed that it will soon release the app for iOS as well.

(Photos from: play.google.com and linecorp.com)