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Four years after his last album, YouTube sensation David Choi is back with a newly-released fourth album, “Stories of You’s and Me”.

The Korean-American singer-songwriter, who to date has thousands of followers and likes on social media such as Spotify, Facebook and Instagram, is not just a musician as he is also no stranger to the world of YouTube video appearances, thanks to collaborations with fellow YouTubers like Nigahiga, Wong Fu Productions and more.

The self-proclaimed “Jack of all trades, but master of none” sat down with Cinema Online and tells his ‘Stories’ on what makes Malaysia special to him, which movie he would score for and how he doesn’t get paid for his own music used on TV shows.

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Hi David, welcome back to Malaysia. What makes you love visiting our shores? 
I’ve been here six or seven times. The food’s really good, and I have a lot of friends here. Jinnyboy is one of my best friends. I performed at the Bentley Music Auditorium, twice. First time he came to my show in 2009 and we just hit it off.

You’re used to producing your own songs, given the chance, which movie would you want to produce a soundtrack for? 
I have a lot of relationship songs. I would want to write a song for a big movie, like Steven Spielberg. That’d be awesome. I don’t have that kind of triumphant scores, but it’d be nice to be in his movie.

We heard that your songs are often used in Korean dramas but you don’t exactly get paid for them? 
In Korea, they don’t have to really get your permission to use your music. They’re also supposed to pay when they use them, but they don’t pay. So they just use it, it’s everywhere. I only know when the fans tweet me. I’d love for them to ask me “can we use your song in this?” I can’t call them because I don’t even know who to call!

How did you come up with the title for your latest album, “Stories of You’s and Me? 
How I got the title was I wrote down all the song titles and right next to them, I wrote down the names of the people who inspired the song. Originally, it was going to be “Stories of Us” but I thought that wasn’t very personal, because each of these songs is very personal to me. So I picked you and me, and then I put “you’s”. [Laughs]

What are your upcoming plans for 2015? 
Keep sharing this album that I have and try to get as many ears to listen as possible, and ultimately do a few live shows, maybe here and just all over Asia.