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The Neverland Ranch – home of the late legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson – is now up for sale with an initial price tag of USD100 million and it seems that American rapper Kanye West has reportedly shown interest in buying the ranch for his darling wife, Kim Kardashian!

According to Hollywood Life, the rapper has reportedly made a few visit to the 2,700-acre ranch over the years, but he wants to smooth over a deal with the real estate agent, hoping that he could knock USD15 million off the market price.

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Back when Jackson owned the property, apart from being his home, the place also had an amusement park, a petting zoo, a railroad and a train station, but now, the amusement park rides, as well as the elephant and orang utans, have been removed, except for one single ilama, Newsweek reports.

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Kanye and Kim recently moved into their USD20 million home at Hidden Hills, California, and if Kanye successfully gets hold of Neverland, it will be a separate vacation home for the couple and their family, including their daughter North West, as well as an upcoming member of the family!

That’s right! Kim and Kanye are expecting a second baby!

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What can be a better present for Kim and her new baby, than the Neverland Ranch – the perfect fantasy wonderland for children! (or is it?)

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