She may not have been nominated as Golden Melody Awards’ Best Female Mandarin Singer, but Jolin Tsai had the last laugh after her album, “Play”, became the biggest winner of the night.

As reported on UDN News, the singer, who looked stunning in her silver jumpsuit, accepted three awards, including Best Mandarin Album.

The album, which was nominated in nine categories, also bagged Best Vocal Recording Album, and Best Single Producer.
Meanwhile, A-Mei won Best Female Mandarin Singer for the third time.
“Thank you for always giving me so much encouragement and support,” said the singer, who also promises to make more breakthroughs in her performance.
The 26th Golden Melody Awards’ winners are as follows:
Best Song: “Island’s Sunrise Re-mixed” (Fire EX).
Best Mandarin Album: “Play” (Jolin Tsai)
Best Music Video: “In an Uncertain World”
Best Composer: William Wei (“Wolf”)
Best Lyricist: Francis Lee (“Departures”)
Best Musical Arranger: Buddha Jump (“Let You See”)
Best Album Producer: Arai Soichiro (“Departures”)
Best Single Producer: Xiao An (“Lip Reading”).
Best Mandarin Male Singer: Eason Chan (“Rice & Shine”)
Best Mandarin Female Singer: A-Mei (“Faces of Paranoia”)
Best Band: Buddha Jump (“Let You See”)
Best Singing Group: Murmurshow (“Murmurshow”)
Best New Artist: Boxing (“Boxing”)
Best Vocal Recording Album: “Play”
Best Instrumental Recording Album: “Led by The Sea Breeze”
Lifetime Contribution Award: 
Chen Yang & Jody Chiang
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