Chinese Netizens are not amused that Jackie Chan has been included in China’s Central Television (CCTV) drug awareness video.

As reported on Ejinsight News, previously, the mainland broadcaster has roped in several celebrities for its anti-drug abuse campaign in preparation for the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking that will be held on 26 June.

Celebrities chosen for the campaign can be seen singing a song entitled “Life”, which aims to send a message to youth to stay away from drugs.
However, Netizens were not happy that Jackie, whose own son Jaycee Chan was in prison for not only using drugs but also sheltering other drug users including Taiwanese star Kai Ko, was involved in the programme.
Some raises the irony of Jackie being at the forefront of the campaign, having been anti-drug ambassador back in 2009 and elected anti-drug ambassador for Singapore in April this year, while his own son was charged for it.
Some described his participation in the song to be the biggest joke in the history of the anti-drugs campaign.
However, the action star stated that he will never stop participating in anti-drug campaign events. 
Although he had thought about quitting before, Jackie said that he decided to continue his duties, as he believed that stepping down would be a victory to drug dealers.
Fans of the actor also supported his decision, saying that his son’s history with drug use will make his fight against it more convincing.
(Photo source: news.com.au)