Following the surprising 2013 hit mainland rom-com, “Finding Mr. Right”, it was revealed that a sequel has recently begun filming, starring original cast Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo.

As reported on On CC News, the two stars, who were seen filming a scene in Macau recently, revealed that there is no pressure at all in making the sequel despite the huge box office success of the first one.

“I just do whatever the director orders. I do whatever she asks, so there’s no pressure,” said lead star Wu Xiubo, who plays doctor-turned-US taxi driver in the movie.
Meanwhile, co-star Tang Wei, who had since married Korean director Kim Tae-yong, stated that her new status as a married woman does not affect her portrayal of Wen Jiajia in any way.
“It’s the same as before. I am still working hard to portray my character naturally,” she said.
The first film, which tells the story of a pregnant lady falling in love with an older taxi driver while in hiding in Seattle to avoid scandal, earned a whopping RMB518 million (approximately USD84.4 million) at the box office, five times its original budget. 
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