It has been two months since “Ip Man 3” started filming, and accidents have been happening frequently.

After Donnie Yen accidentally fractured Mike Tyson’s finger, and he himself injured his hands later on, it was recently revealed that the martial arts actor has been injured yet again, this time on his nose, and by Max Zhang’s blade.

According to Mingpao News, the two stars were filming a scene where Donnie Yen’s Ip Man accepted a challenge made by Max Zhang’s character to fight with Wing Chun’s Eight Catty Blade.
However, the blade was too close to his face while they were doing it, and ended up injuring his nose.
“I felt truly guilty,” said Max, who immediately rushed over to Donnie to help. “But I really admire Donnie. He laughed despite the injury. He is very professional.”
Donnie stated that an injury is part and parcel of working on fight scenes, and that he himself has injured others before.
“It’s only a minor injury this time, and it didn’t bleed that much,” he said.
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